On Karakoram Highway, the modern Japanese HIACE diesel mini buses are one of the main modes of transportation. They operate on full-then-run basis. The bus was originally designed for 12 - 15 passengers but in Pakistan they are all modified as 19 seaters plus a roof rack without exception. Seats are numbered. The row behind the driver is reserved for females and their hushands or male family members. Foreign females may have the privilege sitting beside the driver, although complains aren't rarely heard of. In most cases these buses carry 21 - 25 people, perhaps more on the roof. Comparing with the trucks (20-30km/hr) or NATCO buses (30-40km/hr), the HIACEs can run as fast as 80km/hr if the road condition allows. If you want to see the scenics from the bus, ask for seat #7 if possible.

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