The author would like to thank Edel Byrne, of Killygordon, Co. Donegal, who had inspired him to visit the emerald isle.

All poems in this Ireland web page are selected from the New Oxford Book of Irish Verse. In particular, the poem in page 12 was originally recommended by Fiona Hyland of Cornell University. The bookstore setting in page 9 was due to the suggestion of Jeanne Cruden of the University of Alberta, Edmonton.


Technical Notes

All photos in this book were taken in December 1996. Winter is Ireland is not an ideal season for photography - limited daylight, often dull and gloomy sky. And the two base-tones of green and gray always dominate the island's landscape. Thus, black-and-white films were chosen for such atmosphere.

The main equipment was a Nikon FE with a Tamron 28-80/3.5-4.2. Since I never used electronic flash and tripod, I had chosen Kodak TMY, and pushed it to ASA 1600. This was in order to obtain maximal flexibility in shutter speed. Poor lighting condition could occurred sometimes during day time.

I also brought a handy, pocket-size Pentax 928. It was proven to be very helpful in doing quick snapshots under normal lighting conditions. Luckily, the weather had never been worse than I expected. It only rained the day of my departure.


First Draft, Ottawa, 1997
First Revision, New Jersey, 2001
Second Revision, New Jersey, 2002
Third Revision, New Jersey, 2003