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are eager to get a splash, with the
                                             renewed religious vows written on
                                             their faces of ecstasy.

As evening falls, priests and believers ob-         The festival does not end until the
serve overnight vigil around the Arks,              third day that dedicated to the
enduring the long cold night in the Ethio-          Archangel Mikael. With parade no
pian highland. Some wrapped in blan-                less magnificent than the previous
kets, others by the bonfires. By dawn, the          two days, the Tabots are carried
huge crowds gather around the water.                back to their respective churches
After the head priest blesses the water,            the same way they were paraded
the celebration reaches its climax. Brave    out three days ago.
men dive into the frigid water, the rest
                                             Timket in the town of Gondar is un-
                                             doubtedly the most extrodinary. The
                                             bath pool in the historical palace built by
                                             the Emperor Fasiladas during the 17th
                                             century stages a dramatic backdrop of
                                             the event, while the garden surrounding
                                             the pool provides believers a perfect
                                             ground for prayers and overnight vigil.
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